Drums and bass thumpin’, interlocked in the groove while setting that foundation for each song. The lead/ rhythm guitarist ...seducing you with every strum and pick, riff and sustaining the chords we love to hear with the classics and our favourites. Our powerhouse lead vocalists will keep your attention as they take the wheel of this two to six piece music machine. Allow yourself to be captivated with the silky harmonies complimenting the tune & wrapped around the melody like a silhouette and just groove.


K-GROOVE-NOW have the full PHAT sound that will grab your attention, a delight for the ears as it flirts relentlessly with your senses ‘til your body succumbs to the groove.  We play old skool and new, from RnB, Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, Disco, Reggae, Pop, New Jack Swing, and everything in between. We’re a versatile lot and love making memories with our audience thru music.


Each band member have either graced church stages, weddings and celebrations with family bands and/or other cover bands. We are dedicated and passionate about playing real music. Our aim is to play it right, play it live and also have fun engaging the audience. We Groove You Move! Just like that!