At the age of 16, Miranda Murphy came runner up on Channel 7's Popstars Live. Developing an international fan base lead to a recording contract with Universal Music, releasing a single that debut'd at number 19 on the ARIA charts and wrote and recorded with songwriters from Sweden & LA.

After nearly a decade of circling the Sydney music scene and touring all over Australia promoting her own music, she's definitely relaxed into the role of a professional vocalist expressing her love for pop, soul and r'n'b music from artists we all love as well as her original music.

Miranda has shared the stage with some incredible local and international artists, has sung at various festivals and charity events, performed into the wee hours of the morning in various bars and clubs and graced the small screen on many occasions. However, her main focus is her own music which has made waves in the in the 80's revival/synthwave scene. The release of her EP 'Fast Forward' lead to artist collaborations in Sweden, Germany & England and features on internationally released mix tapes & compilations.


Listen to "The Real Thing"by Miranda Carey & The Sunnglasses Kid below.