Australian songbird, ORLY, has created her own brand of Soul Music. The young Soul Diva, now based in New York City and Los Angeles has a rich, compelling voice, true-to-life lyrics, and a profound passion for music, which come together in beautiful, sophisticated songs.


Seamlessly blending the essence of soul with the sophistication of blues, Australian songstress ORLY burst onto the scene with the debut of her self­titled EP in 2009. Armed with a transcendent voice, relatable lyrics and a profound passion for music, ORLY quickly established herself as an emerging young voice in pop and soul, touring throughout the world, winning over fans with her impassioned performances.
Distraction, ORLY's first full length album released in 2012, marked a logical evolution in the Aussie's musical progression, advancing the soulful tones and powerful songwriting heard previously on ORLY, showcasing an artist with the talent, determination and hunger necessary to propel herself into the leagues of Adele and Amy Winehouse. Each track is unique on Distraction, highlighting the versatility, maturation, and complexity of this talented artist. From old school soul, to beautiful ballads, to pop, ORLY is making her mark on the scene one song at a time.


Watch Orly's "Recover" Official Music Video below.