For over half his life now Yogi has been head on with the music industry. He started out learning the piano as a child, playing bass in cover bands as a teenager, and by his early 20's he was hitting the stage in musicals around the circuit.

Currently Yogi is a full-time produce, mix engineer, song writter, record label owner and DJ alongside being the singer and keyboardist in "Random Soul" and "Paul Winn Band".

Yogi and Random Soul's music has appeared on a stack of compilations from around the world too, including Hed Kandi's “Beach House” CD, which was mixed and compiled by the duo in 2008 and featured a number of their productions.

Two albums from the Paul Winn Band are also notched on his belt, with Yogi playing an integral part as Co-Producer and Engineer for the albums, while also playing bass, doing all backing vocals and lending his ears with the Mastering too.

Currently, Yogi's playlist has expanded into the realms of Funk & Soul, Disco & Boogie alongside the House music that he is known for. He holds weekly residencies at The IVY and The Argyle, along with monthly spots at Henry Afrikas, Opera Bar, Cohi Bar and Soda Bar, and regular spots around the country at Alhambra (Brisbane), Lott 33 and Minque (Canberra), Vodka Bar (Adelaide) and Q1 (Goldcoast).