Curated by renowned Chef Matt Moran and Executive Chef Laura Baratto, our lunch and dinner options are divided into an all-day bar menu with a selection of fresh seafood, meat & cheese, pizzas and mains meals.


Whether you bite into a  pizza or would rather enjoy market-fresh crab, sashimi and oysters, you can be guaranteed of only the finest, seasonal ingredients in everything our kitchens produce. 


The kitchen is open from 10:00am with a limited late night menu available after 10pm. 



SWEET POTATO CRISPS | smoked salt 10


LABNEH | beetroot, sorrel, smoked almonds, focaccia 17


ARANCINI (4) | sweet corn, basil, cheddar 18


TARAMASALATA | carrot, cucumber, witlof 18


SALT & VINEGAR CALAMARI | parsley, aioli, lemon 19


STICKY CHICKEN | sriracha, kewpie, shallot : 17


CHICKEN PÂTÉ | cornichon, sourdough 24


NIBBLES |  cabanossi, cheddar, french onion dip, pickled vegetables, oat crackers 20






MARGHERITA | tomato, mozzarella, basil* 22


PEPPERONI | kalamata olives, spanish onion 23


PRAWN | zucchini, garlic, chilli 24


*gluten free base add $3






TOMATO & FETA | watermelon, mizuna, sumac 23


PRAWN CAESAR | bacon, anchovies, parmesan, egg 26


POACHED CHICKEN   | sugar snaps, buttermilk dressing, linseed 23






CHEESE | selection of three australian cheeses pickled onion, preserved fig, crisp bread 30


CHARCUTERIE | selection of three cured meats preserved vegetables, mustard, sourdough 28



RIGATONI  |  broccolini, stracciatella, olive, chilli 28


ROASTED CAULIFLOWER | kale, harissa, tahini 28


CONE BAY BARRAMUNDI | capsicum, spring onion, sherry vinegar 32


FISH AND CHIPS |  tartare sauce, lemon 30


ROAST CHICKEN  | heirloom tomato, pickled red onion, basil 32






O’CONNOR ANGUS RUMP  | grain fed, 250g 30


RIVERINE SIRLOIN | grain fed, 250g 36


PORK T-BONE| 300g 30


all grill items served with kipfler potato salad,  watercress, café de paris





ROCKET | parmesan, balsamic 10


COS | spring herbs, horseradish dressing 11


GREEN BEANS | sesame, chilli, garlic 12


CHIPS | ketchup 11


WEDGES | sweet chilli, sour cream 12






PEACH MELBA | raspberry jelly, lime, meringue 14


CHOCOLATE MOUSSE | mango, pecan, honeycomb 14






We take your allergy and dietary requirements very seriously. Please advise your needs at time of booking and our Chefs and kitchen team will do their best to accommodate you.