Rosé All Day




Get ready to celebrate the return of Opera Bar's Rosé extravaganza this September, right by the harbour!
A 10-day festival, starting Friday 8th and running until Sunday 17th September, our celebration will showcase Rosé in all its delightful forms, from still to sparkling, Spritz cocktails, luscious boozy soft serve, and the ever-popular Frosé! But that's not all; this year, we're thrilled to bring on our latest pink offering - the Bro-groni - our unique twist on this timeless classic.  
Entry is free - Rosé All Day tickets are just $40 per person, these are available to purchase before the event or on the day at the bar. Your ticket lets you choose any three drinks, including cocktails, from our specially crafted Rosé-themed menu - full line up below! If you don't fancy getting into the rosé spirit, Opera Bar will be open as usual.







OB Rosé, lime, strawberry, mint 


Boozy Rosé Soft Serve

Freeze dried raspberries

Coming Up Rosé

Belvedere Vodka, Rosé, Vermouth, fresh pressed watermelon, Chandon Sparkling Rosé

OB Kir Royale 

Chandon Sparkling Rosé, Cartron Strawberry

Rosé Spritz

Bombay Sapphire, grenache Rosé, vermouth, citrus soda


Bombay Sapphire, Rosé vermouth, Aperol, Whispering Angel Rosé




'23 Tar & Roses Rosé, Australia


'22 Poggio Anima Rosato, Italy


'22 M de Minuty, Provence, France


'22 Rameau d’Or Petit AmourRegional France





Bianca Vigna Prosecco RoséItaly

Chandon Rosé, Australia


Big Dreams Pet-Nat, South Australia




½ Dozen Sydney Rock Oysters

Rosé Mignonette $38

Beetroot Hummus

Rosemary Flatbread $18 

Salmon Rillette

Brioche – Chives $21 

Raspberry Sorbet

Peach Gel – Macadamia Crumble $14 


I've bought my ticket for Rose All Day, what now?

Great! We can't wait to see you and have a pink drink or 3 together. Your ticket is valid for the entire 10-day celebration, from the 8 - 17 September, so come on down! Please note that your ticket does not guarantee you a table. 

Can I purchase a ticket when I arrive at the venue?

Yes! Tickets will be available at the venue for $40.

After I have received my 3 drinks, can I still purchase my new favourite rosé?

Yes – hang on to your lanyard and you can purchase the exclusive wines individually. 

Does everyone in my party need to purchase a ticket?

No, we will be open for business as usual for guests who would not like to purchase tickets.

Can I come to Opera Bar even if I do not have a ticket for the festival?

 Yes! Opera Bar will be open for business as usual for guests who would like to come and have food or drink and not participate in the festival.

Will drinks be available for individual sale?

The frosé and Opera Bar’s usual menu-listed rosé will be available for individual purchase. For the full rosé all day experience, including the soft serve and exclusive wines, you’ll need a ticket. 

Can I come to the festival multiple days?

Yes! Tickets entitle you to three drinks in total and are valid for the entire length of the festival. Be sure to hang on to your lanyard if you want to come back for additional days.