How to make your selfies sing!




It’s a fact: social media is a BIG part of most people’s everyday routine, and there’s nothing better than a selfie for letting all your mates know what you’re up to. 


If you’re visiting photo-worthy places (like our amazing venue!) then selfies are a must for everyone young and old, local or international. Did you really watch the sunset over Sydney with a Sydney Sling in hand at Opera Bar’s best table? Well, with the right selfie, you can prove it. 


If you don’t know how, keep reading. We’ve got some hot tips for no-pros, novices and budding web-celebs :P



1.    Lighting is everything


It sounds obvious, but the first rule of the selfie is to pay attention to your lighting. Natural lighting is key – and luckily for you we’re giving the very best of it out for free nearly every day here at Opera bar. 
Pro tip: Take the exact same photo at sunset and let the pink & golden skies add a guilt-free filter to your selfie. #nofilter


2.    Choose your backdrop


So you’ve got your best side, but what about ours? You need to pick your target and frame it up. Is it the city skyline? The Habour Bridge? The Opera House itself? If the decision is too tough you’ll just have to do all three. Make sure there’s enough life in your battery and liquid in your glass and get snapping – practice makes perfect! 


3.    Shoot from the right angle


So you’ve selected your backdrop and you know your best side, but what about the best angle? For most people the best angle for a selfie is slightly higher than their line of vision. Don’t raise the camera so high that you miss out on the glorious vista, though! 


4.    Smile Like You Mean It


So you’re sitting back enjoying the view, with a drink in hand and a bite to eat. This may be the most natural smile you’ve ever smiled – no faking required. Life is good, let it show.