'Total Reflection'


Babekühl & Sam Whiteside with Jono Ma & Jonti


This event has now ended at Opera Bar.

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‘Total Reflection’ is a site-specific, audiovisual performance, conceived by a cross-section of celebrated Australian composers, musicians, creative directors and visual artists. The piece is comprised of two distinct components presented in harmony: a large, programmable light installation created and performed by Sam Whiteside and Babekühl, and an original musical composition, created and performed by Jono Ma and Jonti.


A sprawling light installation creates the setting for the performance and is designed to be viewed from multiple vantage points on the site. Accordingly, the musical score will be mixed and performed live in 4-point surround sound. The multi-directional presentation questions conventional notions of ‘stage’ and ‘performance’ - inviting the audience to experience the piece in an immersive, sensory context. The project is an exercise in speculative design; how can the performance space be re-imagined safely in a post-COVID reality?

Catch 'Total Reflection' 7pm to 8pm on either of the following dates in June;

Tuesday, 8th

Wednesday 9th

Thursday 10th

Tuesday 15th

Wednesday 16th

Thursday 17th