All Day Menu

Curated by our exceptionally talented head chef Fernado Sanchez, our lunch and dinner options are divided into an all-day bar menu with an array of delicious dishes designed to share from snack items, pizzas, fresh caught and feasts.


Fernando is constantly inspired by the change in season and new fresh ingredients on the market. We strive to keep all ingredients as local as possible as well as keeping current on all food trends worldwide; being able to offer our customers new exciting variation by providing seasonal menus.


Our team of skilled chefs, with an abundance of experience from all backgrounds, work together to be able to design, create and execute the best dishes for all our customers at Opera Bar.


The kitchen is open from 10am with a limited late night menu available after 10pm. 



CHIPS v | ketchup 11      


DIPS vgn | baba ganoush, beetroot & cashew, flatbread 20


CALAMARI | lemon myrtle & pepper, aioli 19  


FRIED CHICKEN | kimchi ketchup 18


LAMB & ROSEMARY KOFTA gf (4) | capsicum relish, lemon 19 


SALUMI PLATE | selection of 3 cured meats, 1 cheese, grissini 38





PACIFIC OYSTERS ½ doz gf | 26

ROCK OYSTERS ½ doz gf | 26

oysters served natural with side of red wine mignonette


SASHIMI gf | king salmon, yellowfin tuna, kingfish 9pc 28| 15pc 42


SEAFOOD PLATTER | oysters, tiger prawns, kingfish, salmon, yellowfin tuna, scallops, lemon myrtle & pepper calamari, beer battered fish, prawns, chips 150




BEETROOT v, gf | burrata, witlof, wild rice, dukkah 24


SMOKED CHICKEN gf | celery, radicchio, pecan, grapes 24




MARGHERITA v | tomato, mozzarella, oregano 22


PUMPKIN vgn | pesto, caramelised onion, cashew cheese 23


PRAWN | tomato, leek, confit garlic 26

PEPPERONI | olives, mushroom 24

gluten free base add $4





BAKED SWEET POTATO vgn, gf | chickpea, tahini, witlof 26


PRAWN LINGUINE | cherry tomato, bisque, garlic, chilli 30

FISH & CHIPS | tartare sauce, lemon 30

PARMESAN CRUMBED CHICKEN | andean potato, fresh herbs, seeded mustard 30


O’CONNOR ANGUS RUMP gf | grain fed, 250g 32

fondant potato, broccolini, onion, herb butter



FISHERMAN’S FEED | lemon myrtlr & pepper calamari, beer battered fish, prawns, chips 66





CHOCOLATE DELICE gf | hazlenut, coffee 15



Dietary needs are catered for whenever possible however we cannot guarantee our food will be allergen free.