Live Music



Here at Opera Bar we're thrilled to be able to support local artists and DJs, surrounded by Sydney's most iconic backdrop.


Every day at Opera Bar, Sydney's finest musicians take to the stage to provide the soundtrack to your Winter days and nights.


Find out who is performing harbourside below.


Weekday Line Up

5pm - 9 pm

Monday August 8

Alex Hurt 


Originally hailing from the valleys of South Wales in the UK, Alex is now based in Sydney, NSW, and is beginning to cause a stir. 


A self-taught musician with a keen understanding of playing to the crowd, Alex thrives on merging new and old songs into a set to take the audience through an unforgettable experience. His repertoire is ever-expanding with songs from artists such as AC/DC, Ed Sheeran, Mumford and Sons, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and many more.


5pm - 9pm

Tuesday August 9

Braden Evans


Sydney singer songwriter Braden Evans would often raid his father’s record collection 
and make mix tapes of The Beatles as a child. This early passion for The Beatles spawned 
not only his love for music but also his pop sensibilities. Then influences like Pearl Jam and Jeff Buckley helped him shape the raw emotive and passionate voice that we hear today. 


5pm - 7pm

Wednesday August 10

Ricky Nifo


Growing up in a God fearing, Samoan family, Ricky's earliest influence was Gospel music. From there Ricky discovered R'n'B and Soul and the rest is history. 

Mid 2017 he left my full-time job to become a Musician. With four kids and a partner to support it was a big risk. But he refuses to look back and lives and breathes music 

5pm - 7pm

Thursday August 11

Lennox Lust


Lennox Lust were formed in Sydney. They share their stories and vibes in venues nearly every night, always writing a song 'work' no matter what their surrounds, writing songs over the phone, on the beach or in the bathroom. They have a thing for mystery which shows in their music making you ask questions and leave a lot of imagination to yourself! 

4pm - 7pm

Friday August 12



Hailing from Sydney’s Lower North Shore, STEFF is a name you need to get familiar with. Debuting with her first two singles “The Way It Is” and “Mine”, STEFF has been on the rise with her beautiful vocals and incredible lyricism. With years of experience in Sydney’s live music industry, a plethora of talented musicians at her fingertips and a repertoire that spans all decades and genres, STEFF is a vocal powerhouse that is sure to captivate any audience.


Friday August 12

Soul Nights


Soul Nights  is an exceptional dance and R&B  band featuring seasoned musicians that perform an exciting blend of Motown, R&B  and contemporary dance hits. The group consists of two  lead singers and an excellent rhythm section featuring  keyboards, driving bass, and dynamic drums, not to mention our lead vocals on rhythm guitar.


Weekend Line Up

12pm - 3pm

Saturday August 13



Made up of the sweet and soulful vocal sounds of Grace Senituli and the talented and versatile ways of Bret Hunt on guitar, this vibrant duo’s acoustic sound bring that summer feeling to life. Playing an eclectic mix of classic and current tunes, ranging from RnB, Pop, Rock and Motown.
Individually Grace and Bret have played with some of Sydney’s finest bands. As BRACE they bring together their love for life, music and lyrics to create an experience that you can’t get enough of …BRACE yourself.





Saturday August 13

Adam Katz


When you witness Adam Katz on stage, you don’t simply ‘hear’ him; you become ‘engaged’ and ‘involved’; and when you’re talking about his melodic fusion of pop, R&B and hip hop, it’s something altogether more authentic than the manufactured ‘hits’ we’ve come to expect from the charts. Adam Katz is the real deal.



7pm - 10pm

Saturday August 13

Emily Hanks


Emily Hanks is a soul, pop, funk, blues and jazz efficianado. Honing her skills from the young age of 15, her sound is earthy, gritty and rounded in all the right places. Her voice has been described as, ‘listening to honey coated velvet’.




12pm to 3pm

Sunday August 14

Cavan Te



Cavan is a Sydney based soul singer, once described by Ian “Molly” Meldrum as being “great”, and “having something that is rare”.
When asked what appeals to him most about the soul music genre, Cavan explains, “soul music is exactly that, music for the soul.” At age 7, he heard The Platters for the first time on an aunt’s old cassette tape – which he quickly claimed for himself – and has been sharing his own interpretations of the classics ever since.

3.30pm - 6.30pm

Sunday August 14

Simon Rudston

Simon graduated from the Sydney Conservatorium of music with a degree in Jazz performance on guitar and since has gone on to be one of the most in demand guitarist/vocalist’s in Australia over the last 10 years having toured with many of the countries highest profile artists (Missy Higgins, Wes Carr – Australian Idol Winner, Lisa Mitchell, Gin Wigmore, etc) as well as numerous festival and TV performances including Rove, Sunrise, Live at the Chapel, The Today show, Big Day Out, Live Earth and Groove in the Moo. 

6.30pm to 10pm

Sunday August 14

The GM


This band of top-notch players and singers will keep you on the dance floor all night long. From some classic Soul to your favorite Rock hits and on to today's Top-40, their versatility is hard to beat. With an amazing style and unbeatable authenticity, The GM will be leading the way for a long time to come.

Please note that in the event of bad weather conditions, entertainment may be cancelled.